About artist

Born on July 13, 1998.

I live and work in Moscow.

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia since 2017.

In 2011, I entered the S. Andriyaka’s art school of Watercolors which I graduated with honors.
The majority of my studies was spent exploring the technique of multi-layered watercolors. I find this technique utterly fascinating. It offers an artist an opportunity to really experiment with colors utilizing special artistic methods. For example, I could let one color shine through another creating a sense of airiness and simultaneously adding some color variety. Or by applying only the lightest layer of color I could use the tone of the paper itself to create transparency. I also work in the technique of oil painting and pastels.

Additionally, I create graphic works using graphite, colored or Italian pencils.
In portraits, I place a lot of emphasis on depicting the model’s state of mind, their unique qualities, and character that truly reveal their nature.
As a visual artist, I am drawn to fantastical representation of nature. In my artworks I like to combine meticulous drawing with elements of sketching, verified coloristic rhythm with impressionistic motives, and appeal to emotionality and mood through the harmony of pure colors. My goal is to depict a feeling and a mood through my work, to convey the feeling of the outgoing light.

My goal is to depict the feeling and mood through the picture, to convey the feeling of the outgoing light.

In 2016, I entered the Academy of Watercolors and Fine Arts, where I continued working with various techniques of painting and graphics.
The Academy also gave me a unique opportunity to master applied arts (Florentine and Roman mosaics, jewelry, porcelain and enamel painting, etching), as well as sculpture, wall painting and many more.
I also engaged in the restoration of tempera and oil paintings with great interest.

On my personal website, you can get acquainted with my work, learn about exhibitions in the “News” section, ask questions and place an order in the “Contacts“.

With love,
Maria Baranovskaya.